How to Make a Simple Vector Motif: with the Rotate and Reflect Tools

In this tutorial, I will be scanning hand-drawn elements, cleaning them up in Photoshop, and converting them to vectors in Illustrator.

These are very simple motifs, but they are perfect for practicing the foundations of Repeat Pattern Design, in which you will frequently need to Rotate, Reflect and Scale elements.

This humble little doodle, can be transformed into a more complete and useful Motif.

In the first video below, I will demonstrate the following:
– Cleaning up hand-drawn elements in Photoshop with a Levels Adjustment Layer
– Converting the elements to vectors in Illustrator with Image Trace

In the second video below, I will demonstrate the following:

– Using the Reflect Tool to combine elements before rotating
– Using the Rotate Tool to create a complete Motif

Hope you enjoyed this Tutorial – there will be more to come!

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