Create a Pattern in Photoshop using Foam Shapes

[This project will be part of my Art/Digital/Craft program, for after school enrichment.]

Create the Pattern using Foam Shapes

Using sticky back foam shapes is a quick and fun way to create a pattern.  You can easily buy sets of these shapes, with many varieties available, at a local craft store for a very reasonable price.

In this example, I created a pattern by sticking large, medium and small flowers onto the rectangle foam shape, as well as the little negative circle shapes that made up the centers of the flowers.

At this point, it would be expected to start applying inks or paints to this stamp plate, and begin stamping away, BUT, the title of this post is to Create a Pattern in Photoshop using Foam Shapes, so that is what I’ll be doing instead.

Create a Digital Pattern with Adobe Photoshop

In the after school program, I’ll be demonstrating the process starting with the initial scan.  Once the stamp plate is scanned, it’s opened in Adobe Photoshop, and with the use of the Quick Selection Tool, and it’s related editing tools, I’ll be creating and saving a selection of all the shapes.

You know you have an active selection when you can see the “marching ants”.  In this case, the selection has been placed on it’s own layer, and the original image is hidden.

Once the selection is active, and on it’s own layer, I can fill these selected shapes with black.

Stay tuned for additional posts that involve:

  • Digitizing this pattern in Adobe Illustrator and adding color and variation
  • Using this stamp plate to stamp with inks and paints, and digitizing the stamped papers for Origami Gift Boxes





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