Convert a PNG into a Vector in Illustrator

This post is a quick tutorial on turning PNG Motifs into Vectors in Illustrator.

I am currently unable to sell EPS or AI files on my website, which is why I wanted to provide a “work around” for extending the use of these PNGs, specifically the Motifs I have for sale in my Products section.

This conversion involves using Image Trace (previously known as Live Trace), with a few different options.

First, the PNG motif (already with a transparent background) needs to be opened in your version of Illustrator.

Locate the PNG in your file system, right click and choose: Open With > Illustrator

You will get slightly different results with each option, so test each one to see if you get
a desirable result.

Once you like a result, make sure to choose Expand, and that will convert the Image into
a Vector.

For some reason, once you Expand your Trace, the bounding box surrounding the motif
fills with white.

To get rid of this, select your Direct Selection Tool (white arrow), click on a white area around the Motif. Choose Select > Same Fill Color, and hit delete.

This process will allow you to utilize all the Illustrator features with this Motif.

Below are examples of what one of my PNG Motifs looks like when vectorized (very subtle differences):



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