Welcome! My name is Melissa Zara Meyerson, and I am independent, digital pattern designer and craftsman. In trying to figure out the best application for my original designs, I started rolling paper beads, and crafting jewelry, and MelZara Beads was born.

I have always loved drawing, doodling, mark-making, anything hands on and creative. But, once I learned how to use the computer to create patterns, and understood they could be printed and used in so many different ways, I was completely hooked. I started making origami gift boxes, stationary, sewn items, and most recently paper beads.

I decided that making paper beads and jewelry was the most natural fit for me, allowing me to merge my passion for handcrafting and digital art. I also started experimenting with color and wood beads, as a way to add an organic feel, inspired by both nature and global craft.

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